Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

Annie Viets


The purpose of this case study analysis is to explore the development of Connecticut Boys & Girls Clubs’ Three Year Strategic Plan in order to discover the strengths as well as the areas to improve for future statewide strategic planning initiatives. Through a series of interviews, an online survey and thorough document reviews, I examined the process CT Boys & Girls Clubs used in 2007-2008 to develop a statewide, multi-organization strategic plan. To provide context, I also conducted a thorough literature review focused on strategy, strategic planning and collaboration management. The findings and analysis reveal that the Strategic Planning Taskforce made concerted efforts to develop a comprehensive, statewide strategic plan to identify and respond to the pressing issues facing CT Clubs. The strategic planning process incorporated a number of the strategic planning steps that are widely agreed by academics and practitioners to be important in the strategic planning process. However, some aspects of CT Clubs’ strategic planning process were a hindrance to CT Clubs’ implementation efforts. Based on the research findings and the literature review, I present a set of recommendations for CT Clubs to consider for future statewide strategic planning initiatives. First, stakeholder engagement should be increased from the start to ensure a variety of voices are heard. Second, planners should participate in a scenario process to brainstorm as many scenarios as possible in order to develop strategies that will be sound for all plausible futures. Third, individual strategic plans (those written by local Clubs) should be considered in the development of the statewide plan. Fourth, the statewide plan should address only on a few of the most pressing issues facing the CT Movement of Boys & Girls Clubs. Fifth, more time and resources should be devoted to assessing the internal and external environments of the CT Movement. 5 Lastly, planners should establish agreements to ensure timely and effective implementation efforts.


Organizational Behavior and Theory | Strategic Management Policy