Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Jeff Unsicker


This capstone will shed light on the various aspects of policy analysis, policy papers and policy change. The focus of this capstone paper is a five-page policy brief, or StateNote, which analyzes one element of Kentucky’s major educational policy reform of 1990. The paper will follow the guidelines of the Policy Advocacy course-linked capstones that focus on a personal contribution to some aspect of policy change. Renowned policy specialists such as Eugene Bardach and Carl V. Patton’s work provide steps to follow to write a policy paper and the pieces to include within the paper.

The action of policy analysis is undertaken with the purpose of changing current social situations (policy change) at the local, state or federal level. Policy papers are an accepted and useful way to develop policy or promote policy change. Kentucky Full-Service Schools: Twenty Years Later, a policy paper written for Education Commission of the States, will be used to illustrate the policy paper development process. Following the StateNote there is an evaluation of the StateNote with both personal and user-end feedback. The capstone will end with practical advice which can be employed to write any policy paper with a goal of policy change.


Politics and Social Change