Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

John Ungerleider


This Capstone summarizes a multi-faceted process of data collection on the presence and nature of conflict over fresh water resources through email survey and an on-site case study in Jos, Nigeria. It attempts to classify conflicts involving water by type, based on the feedback gathered through these two methodologies, as well as to expand upon the context and role of water in the conflict in Jos.

Existing conflict analysis tools primarily look at grievances. Could grievances over water scarcity be solved? And, is an analysis of grievances sufficient for assessing a conflict over water resources? What is the best methodology for integrating peacebuilding into water development projects? This paper offers a data set of field experiences, suggestions for classifying types of conflict over water resources, information on the conflict in Jos, and a basis for future development of guidance specific to conflicts involving water and the possibilities of “water for peacebuilding.”


Inequality and Stratification | Natural Resources Management and Policy | Peace and Conflict Studies | Water Resource Management


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