Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Kevin Brennan


January-term faculty-led courses abroad are a new initiative at the University of New Hampshire (UNH). As a former graduate of the hospitality management program, and now a graduate intern at the Center for International Education at UNH, I believe a January-term hospitality management class abroad is needed. Research focused on the purpose of January-term using NAFSA and IIE publications, and the hospitality management program‟s curriculum, mission and structure were examined. The research supported from an academic and financial viewpoint, a January-term hospitality management class abroad, to increase the accessibility of hospitality management students studying abroad. The paper is based on a structural-functionalist theoretical framework and uses David Kolb‟s experiential learning theory for the program design. The course is a two week trip that takes place in Paris and the Burgundy and Provence regions of France and incorporates hands-on experience by exposing the students to various hospitality facilities, cooking and baking techniques, and French wines. The January-term was designed to increase accessibility and provide hands-on experience for the hospitality management students


Hospitality Administration and Management | International and Comparative Education