Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

David Shallenberger


This capstone paper introduces the Freedom in Creation: Global Village Education Program, an international education program with a focus in service-learning for undergraduate students designed for the organization, Freedom in Creation (FIC). Global Village Education (GVE) will pilot the five-week intensive program in various locations throughout Uganda. As a short-term, service-learning program focusing on experiential education, social identity development, critical thinking, and reciprocity; the goal is to instill conceptual clarity and intellectual growth by introducing participants to new knowledge, concepts and experiences through cross-cultural interaction. The main purpose of the program seeks to build intercultural communication skills as well as connect and bridge communities and cultures together within the “global village”. Through community-assessed collaborative projects that raise awareness on important global issues, the GVE program strives to develop trust, mutual understanding and critical thinking skills amongst both participants and community members. The GVE program will be balanced between both structured and unstructured programming, including art collaborations, lectures, site visits, a homestay, dialogue, self-reflection and cultural programming that seeks to promote holistic global solidarity. Participants will engage with local community leaders and artists on best practices in community development, art therapy, clean water infrastructure, sustainable farming, and peace building through the use of art all within the context of Uganda. The GVE program also seeks to educate and prepare participants to recognize the social, environmental and economic impacts of increasing globalization at both the micro and macro levels. Finally, the GVE program aims to increase support and advocacy for FIC, which is already a trusted and established non-profit organization dedicated to positive social change in Northern Uganda.


Art Education | Art Practice | International and Comparative Education | International Relations


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