Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Sora Friedman


The United States continues to host more international students than any other country in the world. Not surprisingly, universities in California hosted the largest number of international students with 94,279 (Open Doors, 2010). With more than 40 percent of its students consisting of international students, Soka University of America (SUA), located in Aliso Viejo, California, is one of the universities contributing to the influx of international students. As the number of international students increases, it becomes more crucial to have a structure in place to support these students, especially as they encounter many adjustment issues. Institutions can play a major role in facilitating international students’ adjustments to life in a new culture with the supporting activities and programs incorporated into an international student orientation. With a successful international student orientation, these students are able to cope and foresee any potential issues that might affect their time spent studying in a foreign country. Therefore, in this capstone, the International Student Life Coordinator examines the overall needs of international students and designs an international student orientation program that addresses the issues in a manner which is most applicable to SUA students. It will pay special attention to theory, needs assessment, and curriculum.


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | International and Comparative Education


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