Degree Name

MA in Social Justice in Intercultural Relations

First Advisor

Ryland White


Over nineteen million immigrant women live in the United States. Each one of those nineteen million women carries with her a powerful history. Immigrant Women Organize for Justice: A Listening Project is an attempt to capture a breath of those histories, in particular the histories of four mujeres luchadoras: immigrant women who are organizing communities surrounding them and devoting much of their life and their work to the lucha (struggle or fight) for a more just and equal society. Immigrant Women Organize for Justice: A Listening Project is a two-part project. The first section is devoted entirely to remembering the voices and struggles of immigrant women organizers throughout U.S. history and providing a much deserved space to three new voices into our collective history. The second part encompasses an in depth analysis of the listening project from a trainer practitioner lens, following a Listening Project guidelines learned during the Training for Social Action class at SIT Graduate Institute.


Civic and Community Engagement | Family, Life Course, and Society | Inequality and Stratification | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Social Psychology and Interaction | Sociology of Culture | Women's Studies