Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

John Ungerleider


This capstone is looking at the Conflict Transformation (CT) team of the Henry Martyn Institute in their pursuit of transformation. For the CT team, conflicts, especially intractable conflicts, are multi-determinant. Hence, the initiatives to break the cycles of violence and cycles of intractability need to be multi-determinant. Taking this into account, the CT team works for transformation in many ways. They work to understand the need for social change, advocacy and transformation. The team works to design the appropriate actions in coordination with its partners in the field and execute them with flexibility and awareness. Working in regions of great diversity and many with current and regular outbreaks of physical violent conflict, the CT team must be purposeful about their actions. Awareness of the context as well as partnering with the appropriate organizations is a big aspect of the work of the CT team. Some of the work the CT team focuses on is facilitating workshops, teaching theory of conflict transformation and training, leading dialogues and mediating conflicts. This capstone looks at this process of need, design, action and evaluation of CT team initiatives. The purpose of this capstone is to look at an NGO working in the field of Conflict Transformation and see what the work of transformation may look like and see how it may be perceived.


International and Intercultural Communication | Peace and Conflict Studies