Degree Name

MS in Management

First Advisor

Marla Solomon


The Transition Movement is an internationally acclaimed and innovative movement which focuses on building community resilience to resolve the problems of climate change, natural resources depletion, and economic instability. Transition Town Putney (TTP) is an organization working on promoting Transition initiatives in a small town called Putney, Vermont, USA. This paper explores how TTP contributes to building community economic and social resilience in the town. This study employed conceptual frameworks of Avina’s (2004) NGO life cycle model and the Model of Effectiveness Value based on Quinn and Rohrbaugh (1983). For data collection, several stakeholders who have been involved with TTP participated in a variety of ways to share information with the researcher, including focus group discussions, individual follow-up interviews, questionnaires and “on-street” talks.

Data reveals that TTP has capacities to both maintain its operational function and support its beneficiaries effectively which result in its target groups successfully achieving and building economic and social resilience. Data also indicates concerns for TTP if it is to continue working effectively which include limited inclusion and participation of wider stakeholders, unclear supporting roles for its beneficiaries, lack of responsive monitoring and evaluation program, and loose exit-strategy.


Civic and Community Engagement


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