This research and analysis focuses on the "It's Your Move" for Middle School Program. "It's Your Move" is the hallmark youth Program of the Northern Ohio region of The National Conference for Community and Justice (NCCJ). "It's Your Move" is a human relations Program which strives to empower it's youth participants to become change agents in their school communities around issues which relate to NCCJ's mission of fighting bias, bigotry and racism. Previous research studied the effectiveness of the "It's Your Move" Program, but was heavily skewed to the high school aspect. This research is focused on the question "How is NCCJ's "It's Your Move" for Middle School Program meeting the anticipated outcomes as indicated by the NCCJ "It's Your Move" Logic Model?". The data gathered to try and answer this question was collected through surveys that were mailed to all participating schools in the "It's Your Move" Program. I received nine teacher and twenty-two student surveys in response which were returned anonymously. Through analysis I found that NCCJ's "It's Your Move" for Middle School Program is meeting it's Initial Outcomes, which focus on the individual's knowledge, and attitudes, with overwhelming success, it's Intermediate Outcomes, which focus on the individual's actions, with above-average success, and it's Long-term Outcomes, which focus on the larger school community and it's interactions, with modest to little success.This information may be useful to other NCCJ regions, educators interesting in promoting or getting involved with the Program, to my NCCJ region to use with fund-giving institutions, to other youth Programmers interested in diversity work, and to SIT students interested in the training field.