Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Hoffa, William

Second Advisor

Brennan, Kevin


Moroccan Encounter: A Cross-Cultural, Peacebuilding, and Interfaith Program for U.S. and Moroccan Youth has been created in response to experiences living in a Muslim society and finding a need to more compassionately connect Western and Islamic cultures. Moroccan Encounter is a four-week summer study experience designed for high school aged learners. In this program design, a group of U.S. youth travel to Morocco to engage in language learning, cross-cultural understanding, peacebuilding initiatives, and interfaith dialogue with their Moroccan peers through homestays, daily classes, activities, and excursions. The program is led by a bilingual U.S. and Moroccan staff and operated by ANDEO International Homestays, a non-profit organization located in Portland, Oregon, which specializes in international homestay programs around the globe. In order to create an effective, quality, and thoughtful project design, case studies, current programs, journal articles, and theories related to interfaith dialogue and peace work focusing on adolescents have been researched. Staff of current peacebuilding youth programs have also been consulted in order to gain professional insight and knowledge of best practices, challenges, and strategies related to this type of programming for the age group.


International and Comparative Education


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