Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Ken Williams


This is a qualitative case study of the relationship between MOSCTHA and the Savings and Loans Group demonstrating how both influence community development in Batey Antoncí, Dominican Republic. The purpose of this study is to discover and discuss the approaches used by both the organization and the group during the development process, and how the social identity and leadership styles of the women affected the community development initiative. Background and history of the community, MOSCTHA and community group is discussed. The methodology used throughout this process include: focus groups, diagnostics, verbal and written interviews, training and observations. The findings demonstrate that community development initiatives started strong, but have slowly begun to fall apart due to misguided leadership, issues in the development process and natural occurrences. The initiative is analyzed using various community development frameworks include: microfinance, women in development, participation and asset building. The leaderships styles and organizational structure of the Savings and Loans Group, and the social identity of the leaders are analyzed and discussed around the appropriateness of each and what practices could be done to better the situation of the group. Through this case study professionals would gain new perspectives on community development and the process of creating sustainable community groups, as well as discover ideas and approaches that could strengthen the groups.


Community-Based Research | Latin American Studies


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