Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Karen Blanchard


This study examined the presence and effectiveness of partnerships among anti trafficking agencies in Cambodia. Local NGOs and government ministries were questioned on a variety of topics including the scope of their agencies strategic goals as well as the number of partnerships they hold. I applied a biology based theory, Systems Theory, to my research in order to highlight the importance of collaboration. Based on a lack of respondents to my questionnaire, the information gathered from participating agencies, and literary research, I conclude that partnerships among stakeholders in the anti trafficking field in Cambodia are deficient, but that is not to say they are all together non-existent. While my sample size was limited, I was able to create a foundation for further research. Two examples of highly functioning NGOs are used to make specific recommendations to other NGOs in the field. In addition, recommendations are made to the RGC emphasizing the need for a more organized authority.


Communication | International and Area Studies | International and Intercultural Communication | Organization Development | Social and Behavioral Sciences