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MA in Conflict Transformation

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Paula Green


Intellectuals should study the past not to wallow, but to draw lessons or deviate knowingly if necessary. Only a true knowledge of the past can maintain consciousness in the sense of historical continuity, essential for the consolidation of a multi-national state- Cheikh Anta Diop

A brief look at the current situation in West Africa undermined by internal conflicts can clearly demonstrate that the basic and fundamental principles of human rights (peace, tolerance and respect for human dignity) have never so violated.

After centuries of suffering the humiliation of slavery, West African states continue to suffer political wars, and religious and inter-ethnic conflicts with excessive devastation. Foreign powers, scholars, peace negotiators, peace brokers are activated to solve conflicts in West Africa and elsewhere over more than thirty years with little success. Their mixed results from the local and international opinions have allowed us to look at other methods that are typically African, such as a joking kinship—so simple—to promote social cohabitation and to prevent and solve conflicts. The substantive issue in the current context of the continent is to consider the construction of effective mechanisms, which are credible and focus on nonviolent conflict resolution. Joking kinship happens in almost all regions of West Africa south of the Sahara. This study will be conducted to understand whether Sanankouya, or a joking kinship, can be established as shield for a lasting peace. It examines how a joking kinship exploits as a method of management for the armed conflict. How could it be the preferred method of conflict resolution in West Africa?

« A joking relationship is therefore a precious fall-back in African traditional society. It should Endeavour to preserve it carefully, for it is an instrument for the resolution of conflict. »

Sarah Tanou


Community-Based Research | Inequality and Stratification | Peace and Conflict Studies | Politics and Social Change | Social Psychology and Interaction


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