Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

David Shallenberger


The following paper is an attempt at a comprehensive health and safety plan for an experiential program studying the history and practice of martial arts in Japan. The focus of this work is meant to be on health, safety, and risk management, which therefore puts less of an emphasis on other program design elements. The paper makes an effort to recommend certain policies and procedures where Rutgers University lacks them. The broad health and safety plans outlined below are based in the policies and procedures of Rutgers University and may not be suitable for adoption by other institutions. This program carries inherent risk due to the physical and potentially dangerous practice of martial arts. Students and faculty engaged in this program function as rational actors and assume responsibility for these risks as outlined in the program code of conduct, available in the appendix of this work. Because of this risk, the health and safety plan below aims to address as many potential incidents as possible, dealing with each in a complete, yet flexible way.


Higher Education | International and Comparative Education