"Women Only" - Team Tobati and High School Aged Women's Empowerment

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Janet Y. Thomas


Team Tobatí has been sending high school students to Tobatí, Paraguay for over fifteen years. After conducting necessary needs assessments, and compiling the information received from students, parents and prospective partners a Women’s Only program has been designed for high school aged women. In accordance with Team Tobatí’s mission, this program increases opportunities for the youth of Tobatí, while offering young American students the opportunity to learn and grow in a culture that is new to them.

This program meaningfully integrates women from both cultures and allows them to practice both their English and Spanish while engaging in well-thought-out curriculum meant to benefit both groups. Participants will have the opportunity to form and work within women’s groups as well as compare issues of development and education in each of their cultural contexts. A vital part of the Women’s Only program will be the time set aside for self-reflection.

This exceptional opportunity is marketed to women, between the ages of 15 and 18, who have demonstrated interest in social issues and are leaders in their community. The Women’s Only program aims to recruit students looking to explore more in-depth the issues that women face in their community and whom are looking to identify a variety of interests through an experiential learning experience.


Latin American Studies | Other International and Area Studies

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