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MA in International Education


The hypothesis of a higher education bubble in the United States is one that has been discussed in literature for a number of years, with parallels being drawn to the inflation and deflation of prices of commodities in industries such as housing and the stock market. This study examines the applicability of such a hypothesis to the international education sector of the higher education industry in the United States. The focus of this study is (a) the perceived impact of current institutional practices in the field of international education on the long term viability of the field overall and (b) the opinions of practitioners in the field on current trends and practices. Complicating factors include both (a) U.S.-based influences such as policies and attitudes at individual institutions and (b) external influences such as international completion and U.S. foreign policy. The health and outlook of international education in the United States is gauged through critical literature review and through the surveying of 84 practitioners in the field of international higher education. Several areas of potential action or improvement are identified by practitioners in the field. The study offers recommendations regarding the sustainability of international higher education in the United States such as the importance of reducing the dependence of academic programs or institutions on students from a singular source. Data collected from survey questionnaire participants provides additional clarity and perspective to existing research on the topic and confirms much of the concerns illustrated by the literature review. Immediate internal and external pressures on the field often override longer term concerns regarding slowing down growth for the sake of a more sustainable higher education environment. Despite the existence of actionable concerns, collected data points to general optimism about the future of the field of international higher education.


Adult and Continuing Education Administration | Educational Leadership | Educational Psychology | Higher Education | Higher Education Administration | International and Comparative Education | Other Educational Administration and Supervision


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