Sustained Dialogue: Stage Five Action on University Campuses

Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

Paula Green


This paper discusses the Sustained Dialogue dialogue-to-action process in the context of university student dialogue groups. Sustained Dialogue is a process employed by the Sustained Dialogue Campus Network (SDCN), an initiative of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue (IISD), which supports the network of university students using the Sustained Dialogue process on their campuses. The dialogue process encourages students to explore and examine the significance of social identities, culminating in an action plan that informs wider social change on campus. This paper analyzes the dialogue-to-action process, its focus on building and transforming relationships, and the link between dialogue and action. It provides a comprehensive explanation of the five stages that make up the Sustained Dialogue process and how these stages have been adapted for student dialogue, specifically examining the structure, purpose, and impact of the dialogue groups. It then reviews the skills training student dialogue moderators receive during the SDCN trainings. Informed through interviews with SDCN staff, the most common obstacles that hinder student planning and implementation of Stage Five action plans are addressed. Finally, this paper provides recommendations for obstacles to action, the student moderator training, and the overall relationship between SDCN and student dialogue groups.


Adult and Continuing Education Administration | Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | International and Comparative Education

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