Cross Cultural Leadership: A Trimester-Long Course Proposal for Kimball Union Academy

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Linda Gobbo


Cross Cultural Leadership (CCL) is an academic course proposed for Kimball Union Academy (KUA), an independent secondary school in New England. This trimester-long course was proposed after doing extensive research into the motivation for short-term off-campus programs offered at colleges and universities and at peer independent schools. As competition among independent schools rises, the increase of off-campus programs is evident. The CCL course is also a result of research to define the terms “global citizenship” and “global competence” since secondary schools strive to produce global citizens and globally competent graduates, as stated in their missions. The CCL course draws upon experiential education theory from David Kolb and intercultural competence theory from Milton Bennett.

CCL is designed to run in the fall trimester on the KUA campus. During that time, the students prepare for a two and half week off-campus portion in Kenya where experiential learning, place-based learning, and homestays make up the curriculum. The students return to campus to present creative research projects on topics of their choosing from their experience. The course is designed to be the first of many off-campus opportunities at KUA. Future development on campus may include the creation of a campus-wide experiential learning period during the off-campus component of the CCL course.


Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Leadership

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