Franklin in Quebec

Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Dr. Raymond Young


Franklin High School is a low-income public school in central New Jersey. Few opportunities currently exist for students to pursue their studies overseas. A high turnover rate of both teachers and administrators complicates the creation of a large-scale board-approved program. Franklin in Quebec proposes a small, faculty-led study abroad experience for students who are actively enrolled in advanced French classes. This proposal will provide the Board of Education with a detailed program description, a comprehensive curriculum, and a thorough evaluation plan to ensure student growth in language and intercultural communication skills. This proposal also presents key theoretical foundations that support the program’s implementation. Incorporating the experiential learning model, Franklin in Quebec provides an affordable and safe international experience to lower-income high school students. Addressing 21st Century Skills, this program will create the framework for meaningful international programs at the secondary level.

Keywords: High School Study Abroad, Low-Income Secondary Schools, 21st Century Skills


Educational Leadership | Educational Methods | International and Comparative Education

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