Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Dr. Richard Rodman


Comprehensive internationalization is a paradigm in higher education that recognizes the many aspects of higher education affected by an internationalizing world (Hudzik, 2011). At Keene State College, internationalization is limited to the outbound study abroad students and the few inbound exchange students each semester. There are also few opportunities for Keene State students to gain an intercultural experience without leaving campus, which can be difficult for some students to manage. There is an opportunity to build on the existing Living/Learning Community framework to create a new Living/Learning Community that can address the trend for increased internationalization on campus as well as providing exchange students with a support system while attending Keene State College.

The Global Village is a Living Learning Community set to pilot in the 2016/17 academic year in collaboration with the Global Education Office and Residential Life Office. Residents in the Global Village will have an experiential learning experience outside the classroom to expand their cross-cultural competence. Learning communities positively impact student academic performance, collaborative learning, and “overall satisfaction with the college experience” (Zhao & Kuh, 2004, p. 124). The aim of the Global Village is to enhance intercultural learning for undergraduate students on campus within a residential setting. The Global Village will provide exchange students with a support system as they transition to everyday life in Keene. It will also provide Keene State participants with a cross-cultural living experience without leaving campus. As a pilot program, the Global Village has the potential to foster a more globally-minded campus and expand according to the comprehensive internationalization needs of the Keene State College campus.


Community-Based Learning | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education | Place and Environment | Sociology of Culture


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