The Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities: An analysis of the effectiveness of advocacy methods for achieving policy goals

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MA in Sustainable Development

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Jeff Unsicker


This paper assesses the advocacy campaign to oppose proposed House Bill 5193 in the Connecticut State Legislative Session. This campaign was organized by the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities, the state governmental agency with the statutory responsibility to end discrimination in the state through education, advocacy, and enforcement strategies.

This paper follows the campaign against the proposed bill that would allow insurance companies to deny critical treatment for gender dysphoria to transgender individuals in Connecticut. This paper analyzes how the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities strategized to block the proposed bill from becoming state law. Because of the success of the campaign, the Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities can move forward in its mission to end discrimination and move on to its next objectives for the 2016 Legislative Session.

Keywords: Civil Rights, LGBT, Transgender, Law, Advocacy, Government


Civil Rights and Discrimination

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