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MA in Sustainable Development


The year 2015 marks a critical turning point in the global development arena. The Millennium Development Goals galvanized support and collaboration across sectors and now the world is recalibrating focus to prepare for the final push with the forthcoming Sustainable Development Goal Framework. We are also in the midst of a data revolution that aims to hold governments and organizations accountable to these goals and to ultimately create synergy between systems and processes in an ever-globalizing world. This paper intends to prompt discussion and learning around organizational readiness and preparedness for these imminent changes. Drawing from best practices within the Organizational and Business Development literature as well as from successful capacity building tools, I have created the Organizational Data Culture Assessment which allows organizations to evaluate the way they collect, manage, interpret, share, and use data. This will provide holistic insight into the data culture embedded within different functions of an organization. The assessment is particularly relevant given a recent emphasis in the development sector on scaling programming and incorporating information and communications technologies to enhance efficiency and ensure participatory monitoring and evaluation methods.


Business Administration, Management, and Operations | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Industrial and Organizational Psychology | Management Information Systems | Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Organizational Behavior and Theory | Organization Development

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ODC Assessment