Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Jennifer Whatley


The objective of the study is to assess the level of effectiveness and impact of a civil society organization in addressing challenges of women’s entrepreneurs in the informal sector in Ethiopia, particularly in the city of Addis Ababa in their efforts to grow their businesses.

A qualitative case study of a civil society organization named Women in Self Employment Organization (WISE) was used. Desk reviews of the organization’s strategic plans and reports including evaluation reports are made. Questionnaire was administered to the organization’s executive director as a context builder. This is critically examined against theories on gender and development particularly Moser’s theoretical framework, a study made by ILO on Effectiveness of Entrepreneurship Development Interventions for Women Entrepreneurs and lastly a study commissioned by International Center on Research for Women on Business Development Services for Women’s Business Growth to compare practices and assess its effectiveness. Finally, organizational effectiveness is examined.

The result of the study found that WISE’s integrated intervention approach mainly through economic empowerment was highly effective, has changed the socio economic status of its targets both at the household level and the community. The principles and its approaches are in conformity with studies on effectiveness of interventions on entrepreneurship development and gender and development theories.


Women's Studies


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