Cupcakes con Conciencia - Empowering Vulnerable Women

Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Aqeel Tirmizi


Cupcakes con Conciencia “Cupcakes with a Conscience” is a social venture working to transform the lives of women victims of domestic violence through employment, training, and an overall focus on wellness in the city of Madrid, Spain. The bakery will offer high quality cupcakes as well as savory pastries and snacks that are made completely from scratch, in-house. We will also sell specialty coffee and tea, as well as traditional café con leche (coffee with milk) in order to appeal to those customers looking for their daily “go-to” coffee as well as those looking for something special.

In addition to bakery products, we will act as a showroom selling artisan goods created by women who have been subjected to domestic violence. The artwork will decorate the walls, shelves, windows, and tabletops throughout the restaurant and will rotate as items sell. The profits from the sales of individual pieces of artwork will go directly back to the women who created them.

The bakery strives to train disenfranchised women in different aspects of employment and life skills; the idea being that the women, given the right tools, will increase their self-confidence and employability in order to become independent. Training will take place formally, through employment and classroom time, as well as informally, through wellness sessions and workshops. Each woman will be trained in areas such as basic accounting and bookkeeping, marketing and promotion, baking, sales, and more. Women will also be encouraged to participate in workshops around baking and decorating pastries, painting, pottery, photography, and jewelry making. Finally, English classes focused on conversation and business terminology will be offered to women at no cost.

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