Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Davina Durgana


Friday June 26, 2015 marked a historic day for the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender & intersex (LGBTI) community as the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the legalization of same-sex marriage across all 50 states of the U.S. and the District of Columbia. The ushering of the landmark 4-5 ruling is has been touted by many corporations and LGBTI organizations such as the NGLCC as being good for business. NGLCC, the business voice of the LGBTI community is the U.S premier business organization advocating for supplier diversity and inclusion. With over 42 domestic chambers across the U.S. and 16 international affiliates, the NGLCC works with leading national and multinational corporations as well as the U.S. Federal government, advocating for diversity within supply chains and legislation that will protect and enforce these practices. With its world leading supplier certification and registration, key relationships with US federal agencies, and its recent partnership with USAID to promote international LGBTI economic advancement, NGLCC has created disruption within the LGBTI advocacy arena by establishing a new, yet growing movement domestically and globally. This paper will look at how the NGLCC created disruption by ushering in a new form of LGBTI advocacy, transforming the face of LGBT Human rights advocacy from linear to a multi-prong approach; claiming its rightful place a leader in LGBTI rights, while influencing other LGBT business models.


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