Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Amy Jersild


A literature review is presented drawing from a variety of experts and practitioners who discuss their knowledge and experience with participatory monitoring and evaluation (PM&E). The findings suggest that the broader participation of stakeholders further enhances the quality and credibility of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Collaboration and engagement between implementors and beneficiaries enhances the sustainability of program outcomes after the program’s involvement ends. Recommendations are made about how participation could be incorporated into the implementation of an M&E system for Women Thrive Worldwide. Additional resources to facilitate the development of a PM&E system are offered.

Keywords: participation, participatory monitoring and evaluation, monitoring and evaluation, organizational strengthening, institutional learning, community-based monitoring and evaluation, results-based monitoring and evaluation, advocacy, grassroots women


Community-Based Research | Gender and Sexuality | International Relations | Organization Development | Women's Studies