An assessment of the needs of Palestinian Elderly in the West Bank: A Snap Shot of Service Delivery Provision to Older Palestine Refugees in Four Camps

Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Professor John Ungerleider


The lengthy and (ongoing) occupation and blockade of the Palestinian West Bank by Israeli forces has had devastating consequences for the Palestinian population. Not only have thousands been forcibly displaced from their homes, the Occupation and Blockade inhibits them from accessing basic resources of health, education and food security while denying them viable opportunities of employment, income generation and self-sufficiency. While it is true that women, children and men suffer both in common and distinct ways as a result of conflict and life under occupation, elderly populations remain one of the most vulnerable groups: “the collective punishment which the Palestinian people have suffered had negatively affected the entire population, but the highest price has been paid by the elderly”. The purpose of this research is to ascertain key concerns and vulnerabilities for ageing Palestine refugees with an aim of improving UNRWAs programmes and services. Refugee and frontline staff participation were key in affording a unique insight into issues facing elderly refugee communities that is both contextual and representative.


International Business | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Other Mental and Social Health

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