As a result of various peace agreements between Darfur rebel groups and the Government of Sudan IDP’s started to plan to return from the refugee camps to their homes only to face the harsh reality that there are no homes left to return to. Most of the villages were burned to the ground as a government strategy to eliminate the rebels stronghold, livestock were stolen, killed, or fled, farmlands were left uncared for , for a decade, the main infrastructure were demolished .

The objective of the Kaka Village project is to give IDP’s returning to their villages the financial tools and employment they need to reestablish their lives and find their ways out of poverty.

Due to the limited financial resources of the village, beside the rich natural and historical resources, I came up with the suggestion of creating a tourist project that uses the local resources, while preserving the rich nature and history of the area. The tourist village should recognize the great legacy of the sultanate of Fur. The expected outcome is to ensure villagers safe return, and providing a sustainable income to encourage more IDP’s return.

The social impact of promoting economical stability will be accomplished through employment opportunity and creating a market for local products and services, while drawing attention to the issues of IDP’s. The village also expected to serve as an inexpensive model of change.

The actual impact assessment is not achievable before the physical start of the village project, but using the available indicators, shows the project has a high rate of success in achieving its goals and brings positive change to the region.


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