Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

John Ungerleider


In order to successfully transform conflict in a complex situation such as Ukraine, it is critical to examine projects designed by Ukrainians themselves that support and reflect Ukrainian attitudes towards conflict and peace. Lviv Education Foundation is one such Ukrainian-run organization developing and implementing peacebuilding projects between the east and west of Ukraine. From interviews with Lviv Education Foundation personnel, this paper examines the feasibility of two important peacebuilding interventions through the lenses of positive and negative peace, basic human needs, and conflict transformation through ritual. This project finds that Lviv Education Foundation’s programs encourage peacebuilding in all three of these areas, although such endeavors still need to operate in a sphere with other interventions in order to have maximum impact. It is hoped that this study will provide a starting point for other organizations seeking to develop culturally-appropriate projects to help stabilize the situation in Ukraine and prevent future conflict.


Eastern European Studies | Social and Cultural Anthropology | Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies