Asbestos Management and Non-profit Action in Macedonia

Degree Name

MA in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management

First Advisor

Karen Blanchard


This paper was written to answer the question “What can NGOs do to improve asbestos management in Macedonia?”. The majority of the research focuses on four subjects Asbestos Advocacy and Projects, Macedonia Asbestos Business Climate and Economics, Macedonian Asbestos System, and Asbestos Health Effects. Research into Asbestos Advocacy and Projects revealed that there are no local NGOs currently addressing the subject. However, there are currently several agencies and experts working on the issue. The section on Macedonia Asbestos Business Climate and Economics reveals problems within the construction sector which are exacerbated by national level economic problems. Literature and interviews revealed that the Macedonian Asbestos System is not able to manage this hazardous waste safely. Problems of identification and storage are the primary concerns. The Asbestos Health Effects is an exercise in understanding the true nature of this hazard that we might better understand how and why it is so harmful to people.

This paper concludes a number of things. Advocates in favor of better asbestos management practices in Macedonia would do well to target their efforts. The first objective should be to target future organizational level asbestos projects and initiatives toward the construction and waste management industries, The second is that future asbestos studies should focus on Construction Workers, Day Laborers, and Asbestos Material Salvagers as their primary beneficiary groups. Three, advocates should organize around an initiative to create a safe asbestos disposal site within the country. Lastly, advocates should lobby for certified asbestos identification laboratory in Macedonia.


Organization Development

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