Degree Name

MA in Conflict Transformation

First Advisor

Prof. John Ungerleider

Second Advisor

Prof. Paula Green


This research explores the design, implementation, and results of an interfaith and peacebuilding leadership curriculum prepared for the 2015 Jerusalem Peacebuilders Leadership Camp in Brattleboro, Vermont. Drawing upon different theories of moral and transformative leadership, experiential education, youth leadership, and peacebuilding and conflict transformation, this curriculum design offers a new and unique approach to leadership development for Israeli, Palestinian, and American teens. Spanning six 1.5-hour units, the curriculum includes: icebreaker and teambuilding activities, theory and practice connections, dialogue, and opportunities to practice leadership and peacebuilding skills on several small group projects. Supported by a literature review, eight interviews from youth leadership and peace-building practitioners and post-program survey data from fifteen youth participants, findings of this study included: the importance of shorter, more engaging learning sessions, the value of small group dialogue, insight into different qualities of leadership, and recommendations for activities and content to include in future leadership designs. Overall, this short-term leadership program model is arguably highly effective in the formation of young American, Israeli and Palestinian peace leaders.


Bilingual, Multilingual, and Multicultural Education | Curriculum and Instruction | Educational Leadership | Ethics in Religion | International and Intercultural Communication | Interpersonal and Small Group Communication | Leadership Studies | Near and Middle Eastern Studies


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