Degree Name

MA in International Education


In our world of internationalization and global networking, students that study abroad have a definite advantage when transitioning into the professional world after graduating college. However, when asked, many have a difficult time articulating and marketing their international experience. When transitioning back to the United States and campus culture, students also go through varying degrees of reverse culture shock. They want to talk about their experience and share their newfound love of another culture, however many run into disinterested friends and glossy eyes.

The Education Abroad office at Central Palm International University is looking to expand their outreach and commitment to returning study abroad students. Beyond a photo contest and volunteering at the study abroad fair, students need opportunities and resources for making the most of their study abroad experience. Therefore, this capstone is a proposal to make a course focused on successful re-entry for past participants. “Reflect & Connect - Make the Most of Your Study Abroad Experience” course curriculum provides reflective opportunities and professional development with structured activities and guest speakers. The course aims to provide a safe and constructive space for activities to help students grow and excel in this global environment through reflection.


Curriculum and Instruction | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education | Other Arts and Humanities | Other Languages, Societies, and Cultures