Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Peter Simpson

Second Advisor

Janet Thomas


Conflict in Africa remains one of the continent’s principal development challenges (David, 2009). However, peace remains the highest priority in the minds of people across all of the African continent. The unfortunate violence and conflict have left so many African citizens to constantly live in fear, and this fear has increased the urge for many to flee their countries for safety. This research study seeks to explore the experience of West African refugees in the United States with more focus on Baltimore City. This research work also examines their integration process and challenges they face, including the opportunities they receive and bring to the United States. Ten West African refugees from Nigeria, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, and Guinea were interviewed. The Researcher collected data through a focus group and a face to face interview with each of the participants. From the findings, six principal themes were generated: safety, advanced educational system, rigorous application process, language, economic factor, and attitude. This research work suggests how stakeholders can improve in making the integration process less stressful for refugees.


International and Comparative Education