This report investigates how the participation in the educational component of the 2001 World Scholar-Athlete Games effects the participant's feelings of empowerment. The participants were between the ages of fifteen and nineteen years old. This report also serves as an evaluation for the World Scholar-Athlete Games educational program. A questionnaire was generated and distributed to a sample group of participants. It evaluated the participant's feeling of empowerment and was divided into three parts, (1) The participant's comfort level in discussion groups, (2) How the participants viewed the coaches, staff and instructors at the Games, and (3) how they felt about the overall empowerment experience. The three sections of the questionnaire were derived from a list that identified factors that affect youth's feelings of empowerment, written in 1992 by DiBenedetto. The results of the questionnaire were then compared to a list of ten qualities associated with successful youth empowerment programs, written by Yates in 1999. The results of the survey reveal that overall, the students felt empowered. The program was also designed with many of the qualities needed for a successful youth empowerment programs. The investigation recommends continuing with the same program design, yet examining some of the logistical details to maximize the participant youth empowerment experience.