This capstone paper was a study of three women artists, Ambar Past, Kippy Nigh, and Kiki Suarez, who moved from their own countries to create lives dedicated to social change in the artist's community of San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. The main research question for this paper was "How are these women social change agents?" This paper also considered three sub-questions. 1. How are these three women similar? 2. How are these three women different? 3. Can their contributions or experiences be replicated? There were three methods used for this study. A one hour-long interview was conducted with each of these women separately. Additionally, I did literature research on social change and the role that artists can play within that movement. I also used articles and news releases written about these women and the impact they are making on their community written by fans and journalists from the art world as well as other communities around the world. The paper concluded with the point that these three talented women are indeed artists for social change. It was seen in the style of art expression they used, the message of social change in the art that they created and who benefited from their efforts. These women are similar in many ways, but do have differences in the expression of creativity that they use. Their contributions have been replicated by artists in the same war torn area of Chiapas, Mexico, as well as around the world. These women have made an impact in the area that they have decided to make their home. They have used their passion for creativity as well as use their talents to promote social change in a part of the world that needs a clean canvas to paint a new outlook of hope.