Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Rachel Slocum


Non-profit organizations fighting for change in the education system are more likely to realize their mission by engaging members of the public, particularly parents and students. However, engaging the public in a meaningful way requires an understanding of barriers to participation in the education system (racism), a shift away from colorblind, liberal ideology typically used to drive non-profit activity, and the undertaking of an anti-racist agenda when working within communities. Here, I offer a set of guidelines which the Rodel Foundation of Delaware can follow to implement anti-racist, participatory policy advocacy. Starting with a review of racism in Delaware’s education system, I offer Rodel a means of adopting an anti-racist agenda internally. Then, I offer a framework by which Rodel can engage parents and students in advocacy that is community-driven and community-owned. Without an explicit focus on dismantling racism in the education system through participatory policy advocacy, education reform efforts will remain incremental and non-transformative.


Arts and Humanities | Education


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