An Exploration of Participant-Facilitator Relationships: An Introduction and Application of the Learning Relationships Indicator to High 5 Adventure Learning Center’s Edge of Leadership Program

Anne Louise Wagner, SIT Graduate Institute


The relationships between participants and facilitators must be considered as an influential component of any learning experience. Because each relationship type leads to different outcomes, educators of all kinds should map the ideal relationship path for their participant groups. This can be determined based on objectives of the learning experience as well as the participants’ current skills and abilities.

Using the works of theorists who showcase participant-facilitator dynamics paired with my own experiences at High 5 Adventure Learning Center, I have created a Learning Relationships Indicator. This tool is designed to provide awareness of the different relationships fostered within a learning scenario and how an educator may navigate their interactions with participants to support growth and create opportunities for empowerment. Additionally, I have captured how this tool relates to my work at High 5 Adventure’s Edge of Leadership program as well as to my own practice and growth as a facilitator.