Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Dr. Alla Korzh


Despite the increased institutional marketing and outreach to students on study abroad benefits and the visibility of successful returned students, long-term and short-term study abroad program interest has not grown past 25% of each graduating class at Maryville College – a small, liberal arts institution in Maryville, Tennessee. To better understand how early exposure to study abroad information may influence students’ decisions to go abroad at Maryville College, I examined college promotional materials, admissions staff practices and study abroad perceptions, as well as students’ memories of study abroad marketing during their prospective phase and their decision-making process. The findings suggest four main barriers to study abroad at Maryville College, which include a lack of diversity and inclusion in marketing, little understanding of academic relevance of study abroad and the study abroad financial structure, along with over-emphasizing the international community at Maryville College.


Education | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education


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