Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Davina Durgana


Evaluation is a buzzword in the field of development. How can one ensure the incorporation of effective monitoring and assessment framework in HIV/AIDS and public health programming that will impact positively on the reproductive health of young adults in Nigeria? In most public corporations in Nigeria, there is hardly any conscious effort on the part of the government to conduct either process evaluation or impact assessment on various government projects and policy, especially on HIV/public health programming. This course-linked capstone thematically illustrated the current state of the problem by providing in-depth analysis of the degree of HIV impact on the affected population, and the effort put in place by the government. I reviewed available publications and journals to consider expert opinion on the issue. The paper accessed relevant frameworks and proposed a tripartite approach, (Ensuring Effective Collaboration) aimed at making sure the government established a collaboration and linkage with social enterprises and Nongovernment organization to stem the incidence of HIV. Finally, the learning reflected the process and transformation of the proposed model into a valuable and viable tool. This paper proposed recommendations for the Nigerian government on the need to address the scourge of HIV as it affects the reproductive health of the young adult.


Other Social and Behavioral Sciences


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