Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Linda Drake-Gobbo


The PeaceJam Foundation is an international non-profit working with 14 Nobel Peace Prize Winners to increase peace education and social justice. The organization offers year-long programming for youth age 5-25 and hosts regional events such as the Youth Leadership Conference. This unique event brings together local youth who have been participating in PeaceJam programming throughout the year to meet a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and develop the knowledge and skills needed to create positive change in themselves, their community, and the world. While in most regions PeaceJam’s strength lies in its K-12 programming, findings indicate a gap when it comes to providing the same for college age youth.

This paper will present a pilot design for a PeaceJam Rocky Mountain higher education program, with a specific focus on a university level course. The design is based on SIT’s International Education Design & Delivery and Design Concepts & Evaluation courses and offers a way for Red Rocks Community College, a local institution interested in partnering with PeaceJam Rocky Mountain, a way to increase internationalization at home.

Research for this project was conducted through interviews with PeaceJam staff and Red Rocks Community College faculty. They provide support for the design of a college level course incorporating PeaceJam’s curriculum, a deep analysis of PeaceJam’s Nobel Laureates and their work, and student designed service learning projects. Community partners are selected for their connection to one of PeaceJam’s ten issue areas. In conclusion, this paper suggests how adding a study abroad component to this program in the future would add a rich international experience to the program.


Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Higher Education