Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Linda Drake Gobbo


Johnson and Wales University (JWU) is a four-year private institution located in Providence, Rhode Island. This project is a course-linked capstone that will employ qualitative research techniques to evaluate international student orientation processes. This capstone will connect theory, concepts, and applications from my coursework completed at the SIT Graduate Institute such as foundations, youth programming, international education design and delivery, design concepts and evaluation. The purpose of this project is to design an international student orientation for the fall 2017 to support smooth integration into the campus community and foster student engagement practices.

This proposal will include a customized international student orientation program, evaluation and assessment, health and safety plan, staffing and logistics plan, a marketing and recruitment plan, and a budget. One key feature of the orientation includes a mandatory workshop on cultural adaptation to help students acclimate to the campus culture and academics at JWU. Orientation programs at local institutions were reviewed. Specifically, staff from JWU were interviewed to learn more about what they find most important in designing international orientation programs. Evaluation data from prior orientation programs was also analyzed.

Engaging international students is critical in designing and implementing international student orientations. An extensive review of literature on international student orientation and student engagement practices was done utilizing library databases and international education scholarly resources. What made this research possible is my practicum at JWU International Student Services Office (ISSO). The topic of student engagement and international orientation became an interest because of my work in co-advising the Global Citizen program. This is a student run program that provides leadership and mentor opportunities for students throughout the school year.


Education | Higher Education Administration