Enhancing Accountability And Learning: An Organizational Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Capacity Assessment Tool (MELCAT)

Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Amy Jersild


The course-linked capstone paper sought to develop an organizational Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Capacity Assessment Tool (MELCAT) as a basis for enhancing organizational accountability and learning. To do so, two key questions guided the process and method of inquiry: (a) How might M&E capacity, processes and implementation within HIV&AIDS sector be better assessed and developed further? (b) Of the existing organizational development assessment tools available, how relevant are they for operationalizing M&E practices within HIV&AIDS programming in a way that enhances learning and accountability? To answer the questions, qualitative methods were used; (i) literature review on capacity development, organizational capacity assessment, and on monitoring and evaluation capacity of HIV&AIDS programs, (ii) analysis of six existing organizational capacity assessment tools, and (iii) key informant interviews to gain understanding of perceptions and practices of NGOs around M&E and the existing gaps in effective implementation of M&E. From both literature review and key informant interviews, it was first found that for organizations need financial and human resources allocated towards M&E to competently develop and implement M&E processes. Secondly, it was found that organizations need functional mechanisms or systems to implement M&E. Thirdly, organizations need leadership that values and promotes M&E implementation and utilization. In addition to this, organizations need mechanisms for both knowledge management and sharing, and for demonstrating accountability to all its relevant stakeholders. These findings were then used to develop a Monitoring Evaluation and Learning capacity assessment tool, which is hoped to be used to inform organizations of what aspects of their M&E needs to be developed further. The results of the assessment can formulate a basis for organizational capacity development that enhances its learning and accountability.


Organization Development

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