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MA in Conflict Transformation

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Tatsushi Arai


Baton Rouge, Louisiana is rich in culture yet suffers from high levels of crime and poverty. This paper explores whether the crime and economics are linked within the city. The research reviews the poverty and crime of the city through statistical data and interviews. The statistical data was taken from the 17 populated zip codes in the city. The analysis of the data took each zip code and compared their economic rates with their crime rates. The patterns found in the statistical data were then compared to the testimonies given from interviews. Each person interviewed was chosen due to their strong involvement in either alleviating the poverty or crime in the city. The analysis generated new insights into the root problems causing the high levels of crime and violence. The patterns and conclusions revealed that the majority of the economics and crime are linked. However, the research also revealed a city full of structures and systems that could also be responsible for the high levels of crime and poverty. Transformation of the structures is suggested for the alleviation of the crimes and violence in the area.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


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