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MA in International Education

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Karla Sarr

Second Advisor

Lynee Connelly


Alliance is an annual youth conference in Alaska designed to create inclusive and multi-cultural programming for Alaskan youth and their adult mentors. Alliance is a reimagining of a program formerly known as LeadOn. While LeadOn has been successful for the last ten years at providing workshops for Alaskan youth and adults on healthy sexuality, relationships, and leadership, it will now focus on making quality content for Alaskan Natives, Immigrants, and LGBTQ+ identities in Alaska. In the development of this idea past program participants and previous program coordinators were surveyed and interviewed to collect information about how inclusivity has or has not been incorporated into previous conference programming. Research showed that inclusivity has not been a primary focus of the conference, however it has tried to heavily incorporate Alaskan Native culture into the programming. For Alliance to be successful in its goal of creating inclusive programming it must partner more strongly with Native Alaskan organizations, tailor its workshops and community project planning to fit the needs of communities locally and incorporate more fully adults into the conversations at Alliance. Alliance also needs to apply community development theories in a non-colonizing way and allow communities to create community projects based on their needs and desires.


Curriculum and Social Inquiry | Educational Leadership | International and Comparative Education | Leadership Studies | Other Education


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