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MA in International Education

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Linda Drake Gobbo


A growing body of research affirms the positive impact of education abroad on career development, however, the value of this connection relies on students’ ability to intentionally “connect the dots” between study abroad and their bigger-picture academic and professional goals. Education abroad advisors, along with their counterparts in career services and other professionally-oriented advising, must consider how to help students identify transferable skills from study abroad and translate them for external audiences such as employers and graduate schools. The program proposed in this course-linked capstone is designed as a companion for semester-long mobility programs at Yale-NUS College. Informed by a survey of study abroad returnees and interviews with career services, graduate school, and fellowships advisors at Yale-NUS, the pilot program is structured in three phases: before, during, and after study abroad. Through in-person and web-based activities, it engages students in goal setting, observation and reflection, unpacking study abroad, and articulating their skills and experience to external stakeholders.


Academic Advising | Higher Education Administration | International and Comparative Education


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