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MA in International Education

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Sora Friedman


A need remains to create access to international educational opportunities for underrepresented populations. This need is due to lack of financial resources, fear of the unknown, and time away from home. Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), such as, Saint Augustine’s University are working to restore the tradition of global scholarship by revitalizing the study abroad program to ensure its students truly embody the motto of “Transform, Excel, Lead”. In order to do this, the University is looking to increase the number of students exposed to and participating in study abroad programs. With an increasing presence of international students from Latin America and the Caribbean, the University is pushing to embrace diversity on campus as well as develop global perspectives among U.S students. The purpose of this capstone exercise is the presentation of a short-term, faculty-led, service-learning program to Haiti hosted by the Office of International Programs at Saint Augustine’s University. This program will be embedded in a special section of the pre-existing 17-week first-year experience course focusing on career development with a global perspective. Participants will engage in research to practice discussions as they prepare to compete for jobs and professional opportunities in a global economy.The service-learning component will focus on the study of the unique attributes of French/Haitian Creole language and culture.During the spring break, students will travel to Port-Au-Prince and Les Cayes, Haiti. This intervention aims to remove barriers related to duration, fear of the unknown, and with a unique budget model partly funded by the Marlene M. Johnson Innovation Challenge grant issued by NAFSA and the 100K Strong in the Americas, it addressed the need for financial resources. This capstone paper presents a framework for implementation and growth of study abroad programming at Saint Augustine’s University through the Office of International Programs.


Curriculum and Instruction | Higher Education | International and Comparative Education | Latin American Studies