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MA in Conflict Transformation

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Tatsushi Arai


This study sought to determine best practices for policy advocates who promote press freedom, freedom of expression, and democracy in Azerbaijan to influence policymakers in the United States of America. Results from other studies, the literature on the topics of Azerbaijan and policy advocacy, and expert interviews were used for this study. Its goal is to increase the amount of influence the average policy advocate has in the US by analyzing current advocates' experiences and synthesizing concrete suggestions for actions to effectively enact desired policy changes. The interviews and literature clearly support the premise that the regime in Azerbaijan is exerting authoritarian rule over the people and violating the human rights of their citizens. This leads the advocates interviewed to believe that support from the government of the United States and other influential actors in the United States are critical for impacting the regime. The paper calls for building stronger relationships and cooperation between not only policy advocates for Azerbaijan but also working with larger advocacy efforts to impact the regime. The paper also calls on the international community to support advocates for human rights with a greater sense of fervor.


Defense and Security Studies | Eastern European Studies | International Relations | Soviet and Post-Soviet Studies


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