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Degree Name

MA in International Education

First Advisor

Sora Friedman


Students of African descent are underrepresented in education abroad. Solutions must be found to ameliorate this problem, as it has become increasingly critical in our globalized world to gain intercultural sensitivity, linguistic skills, and knowledge, respect, and appreciation for other cultures. Students of African descent are missing out on the opportunity to develop these skills as a result of the barriers that often prevent them from engaging in this life-changing endeavor such as a lack of financial resources and little to no awareness that education abroad is available to them.

Short-term study abroad programs offer students of African descent who may be hesitant about leaving their country the chance to do so without the large financial investment of a semester or yearlong program. Many undergraduates are attracted to studying abroad in Europe, and Spain is one of the most popular destinations on the continent. Utilizing the short-term program model and Spain as a destination, Exploring the African Diaspora in Spainseeks to attract more students of African descent to study abroad by offering a January term, multi-country program through Barcelona Study Abroad Experience (SAE) that bridges this European country to Africa. It spans 19 days from January 7-26th, 2019 and includes a three-day excursion to Rabat, Morocco. The curriculum examines topics such as the influence of African art on the work of Picasso, the influence of the Moors in Spain, the experience of African immigrants in Spain, and the role that Spain played in the transatlantic slave trade. The total cost of the program is $31, 085 or $1,943 per student for 16 participants.