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Degree Name

MA in Sustainable Development

First Advisor

Dr. Rachel Slocum

Second Advisor

Dr. Udi Butler


This Course Linked Capstone provides a critical analysis of the concept of sustainable development and then uses this analysis to create a social venture plan for a non-profit called Cacao Together. This capstone project will identify challenges in the sustainable use of cacao by first critiquing the mainstream sustainable development initiatives of certification schemes and corporate sustainability programs. It then offers an alternate framework through the 5 Capital Livelihood assessment tool which when applied, shows the gaps in cacao sustainability initiatives generally. I then propose a social venture that will addresses the needs of many parts of the chocolate supply chain in particular the need to create livelihoods for farmers and more collaborative relationships among various actors in the supply chain. This capstone offers an innovative solution to the challenges facing the global chocolate industry and the farmers who grow cacao in the developing world.


Community-Based Learning | Economic Policy | Economic Theory | Environmental Policy | Food Security | Food Studies | Growth and Development | Income Distribution | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Social Policy | Social Welfare


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